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Kevin Rudds Poisoned Chalice

My previous comments about Kevin07 and Labor running a low key / low target campaign drew a few comments, so I’ll explain a bit further.

Very early in the campaign, Howard and the libs announced a program of tax cuts looking about 3-4 years ahead. We all know such promises are silly because nobody can predict what will happen tomorrow, let alone the state of the countries economy in a few years time.

Labor were immediately under pressure to match it, and they did – with one exception, a little bit of fudging with an aspirational tax rate at some far-distant time. Now that the shouting has died down, none of us can remember that fine detail but we can all remember a truck load of tax cuts being promised.

Labor HAVE to deliver those tax cuts.

Anything remotely reeking of non-delivery (eg, Keatings L.A.W. tax cuts delivered as superannuation, and Howards core vs non-core promises) will be seized on by the Liberal opposition as proof of their incompetence, and used forever to beat them up.

Howard and Costello knew for 12 months that they were on the nose, they knew their chances of winning were slim.

You can just imagine their reasoning:

- If we make this promise and the economy tanks, we’ll just dissemble like we did so many times before – it was a non-core children overboard promise, and look, well, the ecomony is a bit sick now and it would be unreasonable to give that tax cut we promised 2 years ago.

- But if Labor wins and the economy tanks, we can scream at them for YEARS about how they screwed up and could not deliver.

So Labor, by matching the tax cuts, have sipped from the poisoned chalice.

There is now NO SCOPE for tipping oodles of money into better State / Federal relations, no pot of gold to build a really flash rail system, nothing for expanded transport infrastructure, zip for reducing HECS or public school upgrades or building programs.

The education revolution will have to be funded on a shoe-string.

About the only large fund they can lay their hands on quickly and easily is the saving from Howards former advertising campaign. A million bucks a day will do a lot of hip replacements, but it’s small fry in the long run.

Howard and Costello have set the Labor agenda for the next 3 years!

Cunning, very very cunning.

Poor Rudd. He’s now in office and boxing with one hand – he tied the other behind his back when he matched the tax cuts. And if he had not done it, he probably would not have been elected – but we’ll never know.

Thing 1 and Thing 2

Like something from Dr Seuss:

Thing 1

KRudd has won, Howard and the libs are gone. Not much counting done on a Sunday so final figures might take another day or two to come in, but it looks like JWH will lose his seat – only the second sitting PM to do so (the other being Stanley Bruce in 1929 – and also with Industrial Relations as a significant reason).

I’m slightly apprehensive. KRudd has run a very low-key, low-target campaign. Remember Latham? A rich schools hit-list was deeply unpopular, but something I agree with! Having walked around a few of the private and public schools on weekends, the amount being spent in private schools is obscene. The lack of anything spent in public schools is equally obscene.

So, now that KRudd is elected:

Don’t Stuff it up!


Thing 2

SWMBO gave her mum an unusual 75th birthday present: A ride on one of those motor-trikes that Billy Connelly is so enamoured of.

Today was the day – a balmy 22 degrees, bright sunshine, light breeze. A perfect day for a bunch of oldies to be taken fanging around the hills by a couple of hairy bikers!







So far in the campaign I’ve received 4 personally addressed letters from the king-of-slime, Nick Minchin, telling me how if Labor is elected there will be dire and catastrophic consequences.

In the same period there have been 2 personally addressed letters from various apparatchiks of Labor.

In the piss-me-off stakes, Liberal ranks higher. I don’t like personally addressed mail trying to swing my vote.

A pox on both your houses!

Where are all the male weblog writers?

I keep looking, following links, trundling around the net. Usually when there is nothing to watch on the goggle-box.

So many blogs (weblogs) are written by women. At least, those I’m interested in because they are well written, articulate or funny. There are few that fit the criteria that are written by men, but very very few.

Why are so many male bloggers incapable of using capital letters? Lazy pricks!

Why are so many male bloggers incapable of writing a grammatically structured sentence?

And why are so many angry, rather than amusing?

It becomes tiresome reading inarticulate, unpunctuated, ungrammatical rot.

There seem to be plenty of bogan rev-heads and boof-heads in the world.

What has happened to the intelligent male of the species? Where are they? Surely there must be a few more around the place with interesting things to say?

Sunny Syderney

Been in Sinney all of last week.

I DID actually learn a few things, and there was a fair bit of fun.

It rained, though, pretty much the whole time, apart from Wednesday afternoon. Fortunate really because we were taken out for an “external activity”. Which turned out to be a couple of yacht races. On Sinney harbour. With us land-lubber course participants as crew.

The CEO, and a few of the other senior executives joined in – one per boat. By the sheerest of good luck I was on the boat with the CEO. The skipper was Bob. And Bob had sailed 14 Sydney to Hobarts (winner in one, and in the first three about four times). Bob hated losing.

So we won! Twice!

A few obligatory and gratuitous pics, just to ensure envy:


Wazzat, a coathanger?

Funny lookin seashell thingy:

Way out in front o’ that other mob:

Hah! beat them!

Second time around, beat them again!


Seeing as I’m on a mgt course (you figure out, is that management, or midget?), here is an auto-post to keep you amused. It’s especially pertinent given the course I’m on!


More management waffle-speak: Leverage.

“Lets leverage our staff!!”

“We leveraged our sales teams”

(Argh – two in one go: Leverage and Team!)

“We can leverage our development resources team”

(BINGO – you win for getting 3 waffle words in a single meaningless sentence: leverage, resources, and team.)

What the heck does Leverage ACTUALLY MEAN in these contexts?

Only thing I can think of is “we flogged their arses with a cat-o-noine tails, arggghhh!!!, and now they be workin’ hard for fear o’ gettin’ sacked! har harghh!!”

Sorry weasels, but whenever I see anybody use the term “leveraged”, the bullshit detector starts ringing with a loud “clang-a-lang-a-lang”, and I switch off. Credibility just got flushed down the loo.


Last night we went to an awards dinner for the Electronics Industry Association.

Among the guests was my colleague, recently appointed, who has come here from Ireland.

Also among the guests was the Governor of South Australia.

For thems not in the know, Australia in (still) a constitutional monarchy, but the monarch just happens to live in England. Each state has a Governor – who is the Queens representative. The Governor signs bills into law, opens Parliament, and attends ceremonial functions. The whole of Australia also has, at Federal level, the Governor-General who performs a similar role.

So, anyhow, when in the presence of the Queens Representative, we were asked to all stand for the arrival of His Excellency and while the National Anthem was played. A similar carry on for the departure of the Governor.

My colleague from Ireland was whispering across “What the feck is dis about?”. He’d never come across anything like it and found the whole episode hilarious.

And fair enough, too.


Today we FINALLY took the carcass of Mr Dishwasher The First off to the scrap metal merchants.

We received the massive sum of $17.20. So kiddies, that’s what the metal in a dishwasher will fetch you. The rate would have been lower if son #1 had not spent his weekends dis-assembling it – usually with the aid of a very large hammer. I think his frustrations were somewhat reduced judging by the smashing and hammering.

We took the scrap to Paramount Browns, who not only take scrap, they are used machinery, surplus / overruns, and general scrap dealers. An Aladdins cave of tools, machinery, and general odds and ends. You want a pallet of fluorescent light fittings? Or perhaps 20 tonnes of large galvanised bolts? Or 200 wheelie bins? They have ‘em!

So we spent a happy hour there looking at all manner of stuff, some very nice tools (including spanners for 2 1/2 inch bolts – the spanner weighs about 5 kg), and a heck of a lot of weird junk. The boys had to be dragged away!


And in other news, I’m orf to Sunny Syderney for the next week to go on a course to learn a bit about how to be a manager. :(

So I’ll be doing a bunch of 8am to 10pm days (followed by time for an assignment) at the Macquarie Graduate School of Management. Home Friday night in time for a rest.

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